2018 Alota Sand & Gravel Haul

VP, Marketing / Sales / Director

Each year at the Alota Sand & Gravel Pit in Alpine, Wyoming, tens of thousands of yards of material from the reservoir is extracted to be processed into various gravel sizes, state spec materials, washed rock, concrete mixes, and asphalt mix. This year is no different, to watch Dan Hollist, Kirk Jessop, Justin Wood, Kevin Thomason and their crews move such an enormous amount of material is truly an awesome site to see. Playing with tonka trucks and in sand boxes are two of the things these guys never got tired of, their toys just got bigger from one year to the next.  Thanks to each of the crews working together making this possible, and for the time and effort you are each putting in, to make 2018 an unforgettable year.

Click Here to watch the ariel vew 2018 Alota Sand & Gravel Haul