Asphalt and Paving Services are key pillars to our operations at DePatco. Whether it’s a small driveway that accents your home, or a high-profile highway reconstruction, we take pride in our work and dedicate ourselves to providing the best product available in the industry. DePatco only utilizes professional-grade equipment for each project that we are performing. Our employees are experienced and specialize in all Residential and Commercial applications. DePatco has also performed work for the ITD, WYDOT, MDT, FAA, and the Federal Highway Administration.

DePatco recognizes that each quality driveway, parking lot, city street, or highway must begin with quality aggregates. While some companies must rely on others to create an asphalt mix to perform their work, DePatco skips the middle man and crushes the finest plant mix aggregates for our hot plant mix. DePatco owns multiple sources in both Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming. Our strategic sources are located throughout the Snake River region and the aggregates in these sources are among the finest in the area.

DePatco mines, crushes, and mixes all our aggregates in house. Not only do we create our own mixes, we have our own Quality Control that monitors these mixes to ensure that all products that leaves our Hot Plant exceeds the strict tolerances that our industry requires. Due to our ability to provide everything in-house, we can offer you competitive pricing on the very best product available.

Please contact us and allow us to provide you with a competitive consultation and quote to pave your driveway, foot path, parking lot, or street. Our quality will speak for itself, and we will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.