Having the correct team can make all the difference. Every business has worries that they will hire a concrete contractor that over-promises and under-delivers. Our concrete services will exceed all expectations with quality control, accuracy, and timeliness.

Our concrete services are available for small jobs all the way up to large installations requiring hundreds of thousands of square feet of precision. We can do concrete flat work, concrete reinforcement, concrete aggregation, and saw cutting. We have all of the equipment to do the projects right and on time, including a portable batch plant.

Our concrete services also compliment our asphalt capabilities, for a full-service, turn-key solution to any of your projects. Need concrete sidewalks, curbs, and gutters for your asphalt new road? We can do it all.

DePatco is your commercial concrete authority. We have the tools and the expertise to conquer any job. Let us know how we can serve you today!