Take control of your project with the best crushing services. Whether you need asphalt, crushed rock for roads or other aggregate for your construction project, DePatco is the company to call.

Equipment is absolutely crucial in having modern and efficient crushing and aggregate services. DePatco has conveyors, stackers, feeders, screeners, and crushers that are used in each of our nine gravel pit locations, and we have mobile equipment that can be setup and deployed on-site.

Our full line of aggregate products can be used in many applications, such as:

  • Rock – great for your footings, driveways, landscaping and/or other flat work
  • Gravel – crucial for concrete work, driveways, pads, flat work
  • Screenings – excavation, free draining material, landscaping, etc.
  • Sand – pad prepping, trench back fill, landscaping, gardening, cement, winter traction, etc.
  • Crusher fines – good for trench back fill, landscaping, winter traction, etc.
  • Topsoil – crucial for good gardening and landscaping
  • Washed pea gravel – landscaping, bedding, crawl spaces, etc.
  • Fill dirt – great for berms, back fills, landscaping

In addition to the most common sizes and mixes, our aggregate products can be highly customized to satisfy federal, state, county, or city regulations, or for unique commercial or residential applications.

Demolition services without crushing capability would be very difficult, and that is why dismantling buildings, removing concrete, providing dust control, recycling, hauling and dumpster service are available straight from DePatco. We care deeply about the environment, that is why we recycle almost all of the materials. Then, when your project is ready for new asphalt or concrete construction, we can help you build the future of your business!