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Large-scale capabilities for all types of federal projects

DePatco, Inc. specializes in constructions services for all phases of federal work – including design, building, general contracting, construction management, and consultation. We have a great reputation for excellence, because we are intensely dedicated to doing quality work, keeping to schedule, and communicating frequently about projects. We are diligent about our work, and our rigorous attention to project fulfillment will guarantee the success of your next federal job. If your federal agency needs one of our numerous services, please contact us so we can get started on your next successful project!

Some of the Agencies We Have Worked With:

U.S. Forest Service U.S. Department of Energy U.S. Department of Defense U.S. Department of Labor U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. National Park SErvice United States Department of Transportation  Idaho National Laboratory United States Department of Agriculture

Business Information

Small Business Certified: Business Start Date: 1978 Bonding Limit: $50 million (aggregate) Average Contract: $2.5 million Annual Work Load: $35 million DUNS #: 144482304 Cage Code: 3AVF9

NAICS Codes: 212321 212322 221310 221320 236210 237110 237120 237130 237210 237310 237990 238110 238910 531190 532412 541618

Product Service Codes: Y163 AD61 P500 Y161 Z161 Y222 Z222 AD66 Z163 Y111

Federal Supply Classifications: 3895 4730 4710 3825 5670 3805 4720 5680 5675 5630

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Recent Projects

Schedule I – Commercial Apron Recon.

Jackson, Wyoming
Contract Amount: $5,816,849 Work includes the removal of existing pavement, Portland Cement concrete paving (13-inch) 9,500 SY, Portland Cement concrete paving (8-inch) 6,000 SY, bituminous paving 1,200 TN, aggregate base course 3,000 CY, unclassified excavation 7,800 CY, storm drain pipe installation (RCP & Ductile Iron) 2,700 LF, 12-inch modular trench drain 340 LF, a modular subsurface storm water retention system and airfield lighting and pavement marking improvements.

Schedule II – Commercial Apron Recon.

Jackson, Wyoming
Contract Amount: $4,415,353 Work included the removal of existing concrete & asphalt pavement, roto-milling asphalt, demolition of existing trench drain and RCP storm drain, Portland Cement concrete paving (13-inch) 9,765 SY, Portland Cement concrete paving (8-inch) 3,922 SY, bituminous paving 105 tons, aggregate base course 2,655 CY, unclassified excavation 610 CY, storm drain pipe installation (Ductile Iron) 385 LF, installation of precast manhole with oil stop, 12-inch modular trench drain 308 LF, airfield lighting, including new duct banks and pavement marking improvements.

IF Airport Rehabiliation Taxiways A/C; Runway 02-20; Phase I

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Contract Amount: $7,905,091 Work included SWPP installation and maintenance, full depth asphalt pavement roto-milling (12″) 33,469 SY, variable depth asphalt pavement roto-milling 12,037 SY, unclassified excavation 23,993 SY, shoulder embankment placement 11,688 SY, subbase course installation (P-154) 13,850 CY, crushed aggregate base course installation (P-209) 5,547 CY, HMA pavement placement (P-401) 18,830 tons, unpaved shoulder surfacing (roto-millings) with herbicide 25,959 SY, crack sealing 5,500 LF, top soiling salvage and replace 8 acres, seeding 10.7 acres, roto-millings placement – improved areas 11,046 SY, roto-millings placement –  unimproved areas 15,127 SY, precast inlet basin installation 4 EA, installation of 6-inch perforated underdrain with drain rock and fabric 10,166 LF, installation of 15-inch RCP 460 LF, installation of 18-inch RCP 316 LF, installation of 24-inch RCP 265 LF, installation of 6-inch HDPE drainage pipe 1,413 LF, installation of 18-inch CMP with aprons 90 LF, installation and improvements on airfield lighting system, installation of new airfield signage, installation of new 20-foot double leaf chain link gate, and the application of new temporary airfield markings.

Craters of the Moon

Contract Amount: $783,955 Project consists of the demolition, removal, and disposal of the existing asphalt paved roads with the Lava Flow Campground. Installing curb, storm drainage systems, and paving both campsite parking pads and roads. Design and construct a fully accessible parking and walkway area including a mounting pad designed to attach an automatic fee machine and information kiosk within the Craters of the Moon National Monument.

National Park Service Millings

West Yellowstone, Wyoming
Contract Amount: $42,862 Consisted of 30,500 SY of 2 ½” thick milling at Lake and Canyon developed areas inside West Yellowstone National park.

Schedule I Taxiway A/A4 Intersection Rehab

Jackson, Wyoming
Contract Amount: $221,569 Work included cold milling 2,500 SY of asphalt pavement, providing and paving 800 tons of HMA leveling and surface course, and providing airfield pavement marking improvements.