Hidden Hollows, Jackson WY

VP, Marketing / Sales / Director

This has been one fun project DePatco was awarded in the great town of Jackson, WY adjacent to the Elk Refuge.  There are so many different aspects of construction all bundled up into one project.  The owners of this project will have one of the best views, from each structures being build, overlooking the Elk Refuge and seeing nature in an entirely new way directly in their backyard.  DePatco has some of the best people working on this development which includes some of the most sophisticated de-watering near wetlands, wetland construction, road development, pathway construction, sidewalk designs, water utilities, sewer collection systems, storm drain collection, geothermal distribution systems, and many more modern day technologies to date.  We would like to give a big shout out to those that have helped and continue to help on this massive undertaking project.

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