Our History

DeVerl and Patty Stoddard

The original principles of DePatco, DeVerl and Patty Stoddard, taught school for several years and were involved in the construction industry before developing their own construction company. Originally they were partners with DeVerl’s father and brother in a small company called Stoddard Construction Company that purchased a Heritage Homes of Utah prefabricated home franchise.

The work provided by the Teton Dam collapse and resulting flood of 1976 created a further opportunity for them in the construction industry as they built over 130 homes in the upper Snake River Valley and installed septic tanks and drain fields for the State of Idaho.

It was during this time that Maverik Country Stores, with headquarters in Afton, Wyoming, asked Stoddard Construction Company to bid on a convenience store to be built in Sugar City, Idaho. They were the successful bidder and built the store in record time and on budget. Because of the quality of work, Stoddard Construction was asked to build two more stores in New Mexico, Kirtland and Gallup, New Mexico. When those stores were completed under budget and in less time than projected, DeVerl was asked to assume the duties of Construction Manager for Maverik Country Stores. It was now his duty to travel to various towns, meet with city Departments on plans and requirements to build, and to select General Contractors. Patty was given the responsibility as bookkeeper on all Maverik Country Stores construction jobs.

Heritage Homes Construction

Building the Ririe Maverick Store

Building a Maverick Country Store in New Mexico

When DeVerl accepted this position, he and Patty left Stoddard Construction Company to his father and brother and pursued developing their own company. The name DePatco came into existence by using “De” from the beginning of his name and “Pat” from the beginning of Patty.

After supervising several Maverik Country Stores, DeVerl and Patty determined that they could save Maverik money if DePatco were to build some of the stores rather than bidding them out to local general contractors around the west. With the approval of Maverik, this created another opportunity for DePatco as over the next 20 years DePatco built over 125 stores throughout the west.

DePatco also built a cabinet shop and began building, delivering, and installing all the cabinets for the Maverik Stores. When Maverik changed all outside signage, DePatco purchased a crane truck and trailer and changed 140 signs throughout the west over a two year period.

DeVerl Working in the Office

In 1989 the EPA required all underground storage tanks in the United States to be upgraded and protected. Each of the approximately 700 fuel tanks Maverik had in their chain of stores had to be replaced. As this project became DeVerl’s responsibility, he became certified in the removal and installation of underground storage tanks and completed this task over the next three years. DePatco purchased backhoes, trucks, and loaders which also allowed them to hire out to others needing this same service.

As Maverik continued to remodel their stores every three or four years, additional employees were needed for remodels as well as new store construction. DePatco eventually purchased gravel pits and formed their own concrete crews and pipe crews for sewer and water lines.

As their five boys went to university and graduated in various fields of study, each specialized in an area related to the construction field that fit well into the DePatco company. One son is a Civil Engineer, one graduated in Construction Management, one in Welding Engineering, one is an Accountant, and one has a Business degree. They work together and use their expertise to develop DePatco.

DePatco has also tried to keep a family orientation attitude and view all employees as family. We understand that employees are our greatest asset.

Before serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, DeVerl and Patty retired as President and Secretary of DePatco in 2001 and turned the company over to their sons, Greg Stoddard, Jed Stoddard, Chris Stoddard, Daniel Stoddard, and Jonathan Stoddard.

In 2011 DePatco merged with High Stone Construction, which is a local company owned by Frank VanderSloot that was involved with manufacturing asphalt and asphalt sales out of Idaho Falls, Idaho. While working with DePatco on a residential subdivision in the area. HighStone was contracted with DePatco to pave the subdivision and throughout that project a relationship of trust and unification between the two companies evolved. HighStone CEO, Frank VanderSloot and DePatco, Inc. owners Greg Stoddard, Jed Stoddard, Chris Stoddard, Daniel Stoddard, and Jonathan Stoddard signed in 2012 and the merger between the two companies was complete. This created the largest locally owned construction company in South Eastern Idaho.

Since 1978 DePatco, Inc has been involved with utility repairs, residential driveways, subdivisions, various convenient stores, super markets, department stores, apartment complexes, sewer treatment plants, food processing plants, high ways, freeways, K-12 schools, charter schools, colleges, universities, airports, underground and overhead power, transmission services both underground and overhead, substation installation and service, telecommunications and fiber optics installation and service, county, city, federal, and government projects throughout the entire western states and rocky mountain regions. With the broad range of services, the quality of resources, and returning customers DePatco, Inc. has become a trusted source for construction, telecommunication, and power needs. DePatco, Inc has brought excellence to the surface from generating products and services from deep within earth in crushing materials, producing manufactured resources, paving asphalt, installing concrete, placing telecommunications, power, and fiber optics, by generating relationships with clients for many years and will do so for many more years to come.

At DePatco, exceptional construction services are a family tradition

At DePatco, excellent service is a family tradition